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Arun Prakash Enterprises was incorporated on October 21, 2014 with the purpose of operating as a manufacturer and distributor of Starch & Derivatives(Native, waxy, Modified starches E1414,E1422,E1442,E1450 both hot and cold swelling starches) , concentrated latex , other rubber products, fresh fruits & Vegetables and Semi husked coconut. Within a short period we became a very well-known and well accepted brand in the global industry.

The company is totally committed to manufacturing world class products to meet the requirements of customers in the domestic as well as overseas markets.

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What We Do

Our Products

Our products are characterized by their high quality that easily meets and even exceeds the highest international standards. We take it upon ourselves to continually strive to maintain our ability to closely match the requirements of our clients and to consistently ensure customer satisfaction.


Processing of natural rubber latex into high quality latex concentrate of 60% dry rubber.

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Starch & Derivatives

Our Native starches are made from Corn, Wheat, Tapioca and potato. Native Starches Are Used.

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Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

We provide export quality pre-processed fruits and vegetables by leveraging innovative technology.

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Fresh Coconuts

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm which is commonly used for its water, milk, oil, and tasty meat.

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Service & Experience

Why Choose Us

Among all the rubber- producing countries in the world, India is the only country which branded the rubber exported from the country. Branding is a unique concept whereby the quality of the export consignment is guaranteed by The Rubber Board of India.

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We always work hard and support you any times with any of your requirements and we are sure that you will be happy with our business way & make stable good business.


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    We are providing best quality product with our business way and make stable good business.

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    We always work hard and we have 24x7 great customer support with any of your requirements.

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    We deliver the products on time with best approach to our clients and to consistently ensure customer satisfaction.