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Centrifuged Latex 60% Of Dry Rubber Content (Cenex)

Centrifuged latex is a white liquid with classification of HA and LA. Processing of natural rubber latex into high quality latex concentrate of 60% dry rubber content is done through centrifugation. Centrifuging involves the separation of preserved field latex into two fractions, one containing the concentrated latex of more than 60% dry rubber and the other containing 4-6% dry rubber. Centrifuged latex is today available commercially in two different verities with high ammonia (min.0.6% of ammonia) and low ammonia (max. 0.3% of ammonia). The former is preserved solely with ammonia and later contains one or more preservatives besides ammonia. LA latex has several advantages which include better quality, lower cost of production by way of savings in preservatives, acid and low cost of effluent treatment.

Grades and applications

High Ammonia (HA) -Foam products, dipped goods, adhesives, elastic thread, household and industrial gloves, balloons, rubber bands and finger caps.

Low Ammonia (LATZ) - Preferred for all applications when de ammonia is necessary for product manufacture. Requirement for centrifuged natural rubber latex is given in the table.

Characteristic Requirement
Type-HA Type-LA Type-HA
Dry Rubber Content, Percent by Mass, Min 60.0 60.0
Non-Rubber Solids Percent by Mass, Max 2.0 2.0
Coagulum Content, Percent by Mass, Max 0.05 0.05
Sludge Content, Percent by Mass, Max 0.10 0.10
Alkalinity as Ammonia, Percent by Mass of Latex 0.6 Min 0.3 Max
KOH number, Max 1.0 1.0
Mechanical Stability, Min 475 475
Volatile Fatty Acid Number, Max 0.15 0.15
Copper Content, ppm of Total Solids, Max 8 8
Manganese Content, ppm of Total Solids, Max 8 8


Domestic Overseas
In Tanker (30 Tons). In Flexi Bags (20-21 Tons).
In Drums (200 kgs). In Drums (205 kgs).
IBC Tank (1 Ton). In IBC Tank (1 Ton).

During the winter season we are using Styrofoam on the walls, floor and ceiling of the container to prevent the latex from freezing during the transit of extreme cold conditions.