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Crepe Rubber

Pale Latex Crepe (PLC). This is prepared from field latex. Four different grades of PLC available in the market are; PLC 1x, PLC 1, PLC 2 and PLC 3.

Estate Brown Crepe (EBC) - Cup lumps and other higher grades of field coagulum are used for making EBC. The processing consists of soaking in water for 24 hours and washing the cup lumps and scrap to remove dirt and passing the washed materials through a creeping battery. The crepe thus obtained is air-dried, graded and packed. There are three different grades of Estate Brown Crepe, ie, EBC 1X, EBC 1 and EBC 2. Re-milled Crepe - Wet slab coagulum, un-smoked sheets and cup lumps are used for making this type of crepe. The materials are washed and milled in the creping battery. The crepe obtained is air-dried, graded and packed.

Smoked blanket crepe - Smoked rubber derived exclusively from ribbed smoked sheet or cuttings are used for making this crepe. The processing consists of milling the materials in the creping battery, air drying and packing.

Flat bark crepe - All grades of low grade scrap including earth scrap are used for making this grade.