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Ribbed Smoke Sheets (RSS)

Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS) are coagulated rubber sheets processed from fresh field latex sourced from well managed rubber plantations adopting modern processing methods. The grades available are shown in the table.

The higher grades RSS 1x to RSS 3 are mainly used for manufacture of products for medical, pharmaceutical and engineering. The lower grades of RSS 4 and 5 are generally used for the manufacture of automobile tyres, re-treading materials and all other general products.

RSS 3 and RSS 4 are the preferred raw material for radial tyres. Quality of Ribbed Smoked Sheets is ascertained as laid down in Green Book Standards.

We pack RSS grades as 50kg bales in polythene cover and as 110kg crates as per the requirements of the buyer. Ribbed Smoked Sheets are graded according to the standards as per IS – 15361-2003 by visual comparison method. Normally this is done by observation of sheets held against light, when the obvious defects become apparent.

Our RSS rubber grades are in good demand for tyres and other product manufacture indicating their quality and market acceptability.

Ribbed Smoked sheets (RSS grades) specification as per Green Book

Parameters RSS 1X 1 2 3 4 5
Air Dried sheets
Frothy sheets
Partly/fully skim latex sheets
Wet sheets
Bleached (pale) sheets
Dirty packing
Oxidised spots
Weak sheet
Heated Sheet
Burnt Sheet




Sheets to be – Dry
Sheets to be  – clean Sheets to be -strong
Sheets to be-  sound
Covering sheets Same or higher grade
Holes in Wrapper sheets Use double wrapper sheets
Bale coating & stencilling As per the Green Book standard

Resinous matter (rust)



Less than 5% of sample Less than 10% of sample Less than 20% of sample Less than 30% of sample

Mould/Dry mould

Free of Mould Very slight traces of dry mould on wrappers or bale surface adjacent to wrapper. (No penetration)

+slight on wrapper & bale surface & interior

Less than 5% of sample Less than 10% of sample Less than 20% of sample Less than 30% of the sample
Blisters No Slight
Other foreign matter No ( other than specified, if any)
Bubbles/pin head bubbles Scattered small pin-head bubbles Small bubbles Medium size Large
Transluscent stains No Medium size Yes
Stickiness (Tackiness) No slight
Under-cured No slight
Over smoked No Slight Yes
Opaque sheets No
Evenly smoked Yes Slightly over smoked Over smoked
Blemishes No Yes
Specks No Slight Slight specks of bark Small specks of bark Medium size bark Large bark particles
Stains No Small stains

Packing material specifications for RSS – RSS 1x, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in LDP cover and for 3, 4, 5 may be wrapped with sheet rubber of equal or higher quality and painted with one coat of official bale coating solution as specified in IS 15361: 2003.