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Starch & Derivatives

Native Starches & Modified Starches

Our Native starches are made from Corn,Wheat, Tapioca and Potato. Native starches are used for the purpose of food texturing and thickening.

Our Modified starches are made from Maize, Tapioca and Potato which are used in various functions such as thickening, gelling, bulking and emulsifying.

Native starch are used in culinary, Bakery and fillings, bakery and fillings, Dairy and plant based alternative to dairy, confectionery, plant and plant based alternatives to meat.

We are producing Modified starch such as E1414, E1422, E1450,E1442 as per applications such as hot and cold water swelling.Modified starch are used in culinary for great cold storage stability for ready meals, also helps in enhancing creaminess, enables fat and casein replacement, enable holding and coating, provides gelling textures, gluten free, crisp and crunchy.

All our starches Like Potato, Corn, Wheat and Tapioca meet Non - GMO Standards.


In baked goods lecithin helps to improve the machinability, the dough release and moisture retention.

It can serve as a release agent, as a replacement to synthetic emulsifiers, and disperses fat and water-binding ingredients in instant applications.It also provides anti-oxidation for enhanced shelf life.

Sourced exclusively from plants and is available in soy and sunflower.